Tiny Tree
A $500 grant (from Justin Barber) for solo creators who are cultivating depth and beauty.

Read the FAQ and apply below! 

Accepting rolling submissions through 2020.

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Hypothetical FAQ

Who is this grant from?
Hi 👋 I'm Justin Barber, a designer in Silicon Valley. Half of the $500 comes directly out of my own pocket and the other half comes from my "Bonsai partners," a small group of people who help me publish passion projects through financial contributions. This grant is one of those projects. 

What is the purpose of the Tiny Tree Grant?
$500 isn't a lot, but that's the point! I believe there's a need in the world for small, meaningful creative projects that come from individuals. Not everything needs to scale or have a massive audience.

So I hope that a solo creator can use this money to kickstart (or even completely fund) a small project that they're passionate about.

Though it may not cover both, the money can go towards materials/supplies (eg. domain name, paint, audio equipment, etc.) or compensate for time (eg. writing, photography shoot, etc.).  

Who can apply?
Anyone with an idea for a creative project who can legally accept payments of USD through an app like Venmo or PayPal. 

What kind of projects are acceptable?
If $500 would be a sizable contribution to your project, please apply!

Projects could be a specific artifact (like a song, mural, painting, short film, photo series, poem, longform essay, etc.) or an ongoing effort (email newsletter, Instagram account, online magazine, etc.). All mediums are welcome.

What are examples of projects that "cultivate depth and beauty?"
Here are a few projects that come to mind (for their content, not their scope or follower count).


Poetic License 
Dr. Lauren Michele Jackson

Jump Ball and The Hair Appointment
Josef Adamu (Sunday School)

Letter from Atlanta: Old Town Fury Road 
Jasmine Amussen 

They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us
Hanif Abdurraqib

I Walked 600 Miles Across Japan for Pizza Toast 
Craig Mod

Ongoing projects:

Perils of the Overworld - "video game development diary"
Robin Sloan

Technicolor - "celebrating multi-ethnic relationships"
Justin Barber (me)

Currant - "changing the way we think and feel about food"
Vicky Gu

Flagrant – "a print magazine for hoops fans"

– "history lessons for adults"
Marcie Walker

The Diversity Gap – "finding where good intentions meet cultural change"
Bethaney Wilkinson

Pieces of Japan - "the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship" 
Tina Koyama

How will you decide who receives the grant?
I'm looking for a well scoped project from a passionate creator who will make $500 go a long way.

Will you be involved in their creative process?
Only if the creator invites me to be! Regardless of whether I'm asked to provide my perspective, I hope to make a meaningful personal connection with a fellow solo creator.

What are expectations will you have of them?
Only that they complete and publish the project in a reasonable amount of time.

❤️ Created by Justin Barber ❤️

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