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I'm Justin Barber, a designer born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I love rice, pandas, and basketball.

This year I launched Bonsai, an effort to publish writing and design projects that "cultivate depth and beauty." I hope you'll consider becoming a partner.

My current job is leading design at Applied Intuition (a Silicon Valley startup in the autonomous vehicle space). Previously I was a senior designer at Google, where I collaborated with a wonderful group of people to define the user experience of the first three Pixel phones.

I see design as a form of haiku and believe the best things in life can sometimes be described but never quantified. 

My Instagram is private and I don't say much on Twitter, but you can subscribe to my monthly newsletter (I read every reply).


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I hold in my hands a secret thing, pulsing to the rhythm of dove wings. Whispers of a new spring, eternal and leafy green.

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