What is this mentorship program?

It’s pretty simple: for 10 weeks you’ll have direct access to me for questions, advice, and feedback on whatever you want as frequently as you want it. For free.

Who is Justin Barber?

I’m a designer at Google. I graduated recently enough (2014) to remember what school is like, and I’ve been working long enough that I’m able to share some professional knowledge. I don't have all the answers but I can point you to the right questions.

You should apply if...

• You want to become a better designer, writer, or thinker

• School is frustrating

• You’re curious (and possibly broke)

You should not apply if...

• You’re looking for a job or a LinkedIn connection through me

• You’re not excited about the possibility

• You’re looking for 24/7 homework help

Hmm...I’ll tell a friend