I'm Justin Barber, a designer born and raised in Tokyo, Japan; now leading design at a startup in the autonomous 🚗 industry.

Previously I worked at Google as a Senior Designer, where I collaborated with a wonderful group of people to define the user experience of the first three Google Pixel phones and the operating system behind them. In 2015 I embarked on a small, personal journey of writing at least 100 words every day for 100 days and I self-published the results as a book in early 2016. It remains my most creatively terrifying venture.

I see design as a form of haiku and believe the best things in life can sometimes be described but never quantified. Like me, my website has broken bits but tries hard to be warm, honest, and simple 🍚

My Instagram is private and I don't say much on Twitter but you can subscribe to my newsletter – it's usually short, always from the heart (and I read every reply).

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This site runs on Kirby and was developed by Joe Joiner in 2015. The typefaces used are Neutral BP and Romain BP. Masthead photo taken in 2016 by Patrick Dang.

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